Namibia, Xnet

XNet, the Namibian NREN was established as a connectivity provider for schools in 2004 and expanded its operations to include all educational institutions in 2007. Through partnerships with telecommunications operators in the country Xnet was able to secure subsidised pricing on behalf of its beneficiaries. The beneficiaries include tertiary education institutions, libraries, teacher’s resource centres, vocational training centres as well as schools. Beyond connectivity, services such as e-learning, email provisioning, website hosting, spam filtering etc. are now possible through the Xnet ISP. It therefore made sense, given the educational beneficiaries already connected, for Xnet to seek membership with the UbuntuNet Alliance and become a NREN.

Contact Details
CEO: Wilfred Kuria
CTO: Marco Maartens

Xnet Development Trust
Tel: +264612933372