To report a fault or incident or a request:

Call: +27 763 7147


You will need to give the following Information when calling:

  • TSN287  - (this denotes that the call is related to the UbuntuNet Alliance Network).
  • Your Name  ( be prepared to spell it! ).
  • Your Contact number.
  • Your Host NREN e.g. RENU, KENNET, ZAMREN etc.
  • The incident etc. that you are reporting.

Note: When you call the above # you will reach a call centre called B Managed
 and they will log your call. Within 1 hour you will be contacted by the UA NOC 
 who will update you on the status of your call or request further information.


No response within 1 hour call +27 82 330 5238 and speak to Michelle.
No response within 3 hours call +27 82 555 5714 and speak to  Geoff .
No response within 6 hours call  +27 82 739 3600 and speak to Len.
No response within 12 hours call +27 82 555 5719 and speak to Duncan  Greaves the