UbuntuNet Alliance is involved in implementation of projects funded by development partners. The following are currently running:


AfricaConnect2- The AfricaConnect2 project follows the success of the AfricaConnect project which contributed to the creation of the UbuntuNet – the high-speed network for research and education in Eastern and Southern Africa – between 2011 and 2015.
AfricaConnect2 will develop high-capacity internet networks across the entire African continent and connect them to the European GÉANT network, allowing students, researchers and academics in Africa and beyond to collaborate. The connectivity boost will not only advance research and education locally with opportunities like e-learning and cloud computing, but it will equally benefit scientific studies the world over in areas such as climate change, biodiversity, food security, malaria and other infectious disease

  Sci-gaIA- Energising Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa builds on the work and success of the EU FP7 PROJECT, el4Africa. The project aims at creating a sustainable foundation for educational material and procedures for the development, management and editing of Science Gateways and e-Infrastructure in Africa and beyond to energise scientific endevour. The project is promoting the uptake of science gateways; supporting new and emerging user communities and strengthening science gateways and e-Infrastructure related services. The project is cordinated by Brunel ubiversity and will run for 24 Months from 1st May 2015.
  MAGIC- Middleware for Collaborative Applications and Global vIrtual Communities. The Magic project seeks to establish a set of agreements for participating World Regions, aiming at consolidating and completing the building blocks of middleware necessary for the establishment of a marketplace of services and real time applications for international and inter-continental research groups that facilitate mobility and the work of global science communities. The Project, which is cordinated by RedCLARA, kicked off on 1st May 2015 and will run up to April 2017.
  TANDEM: TransAfrican Network Development is corcodinated by the French Institute for Research and Development (IRD) with the aim of supporting dIALOGUE BETWEEN THE EU and African Research and Education Networks with special attention to Western and Central African region. The scope is to promote cooperation by exploiting the interconection between the European research and education network GEANT and the Established African regional networks.

 Past Projects:

CHAIN-REDS - Coordination and Harmonisation of Advanced e-Infrastructures for Research and Education Data Sharing
EU FP7 Coordination and Support Action, Research Infrastructure
Duration: December 2012 - May 2015
ei4Africa - Teaming-up for exploiting e-Infrastructures’ potential to boost RTDI in Africa
EU FP7 Coordination and Support Action, Research Infraastructure
Duration: November 2012 - October 2014
Co-funded by the European Commission's EuropeAid Co-operation Office, the project aims to establish a high-capacity research and education network in Southern and Eastern Africa, providing the region with a gateway to global research collaboration
Duration: May 2011 - April 2015

CHAIN - Co-ordination and Harmonisation of Advanced e-INfrastructures
EU FP7 Coordination and Support actions, Research Infrastructure
Duration: December 2010 - November 2012

CORENA - Consolidating Research and Education Networking in Africa
Funded by IDRC

ERINA4Africa - Exploiting Research INfrastructures potentiAL for boosting Research and Innovation in Africa
EU FP7 Coordination and Support actions, Research Infrastructure
GLOBAL -Gliobal Linkage over Broadband Links. To enable researchers in Europe and around the globe to socialise and connect with each other by conferencing
EU FP7 Coordination and Support actions, Research Infrastructure