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UbuntuNet Alliance, July 2014

UbuntuNet Alliance CEO speaks on new UbuntuNet links, AfricaConnect progres

[Dante News],  10th October 2014

DANTE and TERENA join forces to become the GÉANT Association

[ISOC] , 23th August 2012

African Union(AU) Selects the Internet Society to Support Establishment of Internet Exchange Points across Africa

[el-africa, 9th June 2010]
UbuntuNet Alliance: 5th year of existence

[Balancing Act, 9th October 2009]
African universities will buy 60 Gb of bandwidth and set up a continental network

[East AfricanBusiness Week, 28 February 2009]
Undersea fibre-optic cable touches Mombasa

[UbuntuNet Alliance, January 2009]
Overview of Telecommunications Policy and Regulatory Environment vis a vis REN Activities in the UbuntuNet membership Region

[Guardian News, 18 August 2008]
Internet: Last piece of fibre-optic jigsaw falls into place as cable links east Africa to grid

[DANTE, 31 January 2008]
Global research community bridges digital divide between Africa and Europe through high speed network link

[Fibre for Africa]
Question and Answer with SEACOM President

[South Africa.Info, 19 December 2007]
Seacom cable construction begins

[Business Report, 1 August 2007]
R700m sea cable to cut Web costs

[Mail & Guardian Online, 23 July 2007]
No Eassy walk to cable freedom

[Business Day, 28 June 2007]
Private sector begins mapping for seabed cable

[Fibre for Africa]
Current Status and Issues in Africa’s Quest for Fibre

[UbuntuNet Alliance, 28 February 2007]
New Management Board for UbuntuNet Alliance

[IT Web, 20 February 2007]

[Fibre for Africa, February 2007]
Enabling Open Access through Universal Access

[Fibre for Africa, 14 January 2007]
Kenya - South Africa fibre route planned

[TMCnet, 9 January 2007]
EASSy Project Disputes takes new twist

[The Standard, 21 November 2006]
Kenya signs undersea cable pact

[People's Daily Online, 22 October 2006]
Zambia defers signing of regional telecom project

[BBC News, 8 September 2006]
Kenya aims for own internet cable

[allAfrica, 5 September 2006]
South Africa: Telkom warns it could
cancel investment in undersea link

[The New Times, 29 August 2006]
NEPAD ICT Protocol Signed

[East African Community, 1 August 2006]
Regional ICT Broadband Infrastructure - Communiqué

[Balancing Act, 23 July 2006]
EASSy members agree to hybrid SPV

[23 June 2006]
A peaceful EASSy feeling

[CIPESA, 9 May 2006]
Kenya's un-EASSy about turn

[Mail & Guardian Online, 31 March 2006]
(Broad)Banding Together

[BBC NEWS, 15 March 2006]
Warning over African internet cable

[IDRC, December 2005]
Come Together: African Universities Collaborate to Improve Bandwidth

[My Broadband, 21 November 2005]
African Universities come together to set up NRENs and buy international bandwidth

UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking

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