Membership Categories

The membership region of UbuntuNet Alliance covers the Eastern and Southern regions of Africa along with the Oceanic countries in the region.  The Alliance works in collaboration with WACREN, the regional REN of West and Central Africa; and ASREN, the regional REN that covers North Africa and the Middle East, to ensure a continental coverage of REN connectivity.

UbuntuNet Alliance has three Membership categories:

  • NREN Member: An NREN Member means an NREN of a country within the Membership region that has applied for and been granted Membership in accordance with Article 5.
  • Affiliate Member: An Affiliate Member means a transnational organization, or a transnational community of practice that is formally constituted under a registered umbrella organization, and being not-for-profit, that is involved in education and/or research; and that has applied for and has been granted membership in accordance with Article 5.
  • Industry Member: An Industry Member means a registered transnational company or organisation, being for-profit, that is engaged in the provision of goods and/or services that have direct relevance to the mission and activities of the Alliance and its NREN and/or Affiliate Members; and that has applied for and has been granted membership in accordance with Article 5.

Application to become a Member in any of the 3 categories is effected by completing and submitting the application form as prescribed by the Board of Trustees. Click on Apply for Membership to find more information.

Conditions for Membership

The Membership categories are subject to the following conditions:

  1. All have to apply for admission in a prescribed manner approved by the Trustees;
  2. All have to pay admission and annual dues as set from time to time by the Trustees;
  3. Affiliate and Industry Members can participate in meetings BUT will note have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. They can however have voting rights in specific committees or working groups as will be defined from time to time by the Trustees;
  4. Affiliate and Industry Members will be required to declare their interests in any meeting where they are involved, and may be required by the Trustees to withdraw from any such meeting where there is conflict of interest;
  5. Only NREN Members may nominate candidates for consideration as Trustees;
  6. Industry Members may not use any of the UbuntuNet Alliance assets, except for purposes of collaborative research and experimentation working with NREN or Affiliate Members.
  7. While the Alliance will enable virtual regional networks for Affiliate Members, the branches or members of such affiliates will, at national level, work through the respective NRENs to access the data network of the UbuntuNet Alliance.