KENET, Kenya

Kenya Education Network (KENET) created in 1999 and registered as a Trust that promotes the use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Institutions in Kenya. It aims at interconnecting all the universities, tertiary education and research institutions in Kenya by setting up a cost effective and sustainable private network with high speed access to the global Internet.

The NREN operates to drive the integration of ICT in research and learning through quality, cost effective and efficient provision of ICT services and to be a key partner in the development of the ICT society. KENET also facilitates electronic communication among students and faculties in member institutions, share learning and teaching resources by collaboration in research and development of educational content.

Contact Details
CEO: Prof. Meoli Kashorda
CTO: Josephat Karanja

The Jomo Kenyatta Memorial Library
University of Nairobi
P.O. Box 30244 00100