NREN Compliance

NREN Admission Formal recognition
AUP Member Institutions Potential members ASN IP address Space Internal network operational International  gateway
Eb@le 18-Apr-08 Ministry of Higher Education Draft 9 400 Applied Applied No  No
EthERNet 29-Dec-09 Govt owned Yes 70 1093 Applied Applied Yes  
KENET Founding Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Yes 67 30 Yes Yes Yes Licensed
MAREN Founding Ministry of Education Yes 7 60 Yes Yes Yes Licensed
MoRENet Founding Ministry of Science and Technology Draft 9 80 Yes Yes Yes Licensed
RENU 18-Apr-08 Ministry of Education Yes 9 203 Yes Yes Yes Licensed
RwEdNet Founding Ministry of Education Draft 7 26 Applied Applied Yes Through private operator Artel
SomaliREN 11-Nov-09 Ministry of Information, Postal Services and Telecommunication Yes 9 15 Applied Applied No  Licensed
SudREN 23-Feb-07 Ministry of Education Yes 32 84 Yes Yes Yes Through private operator, Sudatel
TENET Founding Non-profit company that collaborates systematically with Government. Yes 160 campuses of 54 institutions 210 campuses of 104 institutions Yes Yes  Yes Licensed
TERNET 18-Apr-08 Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Yes 53 290 Yes Yes Yes Licensed
ZAMREN 17-Mar-08 Ministry of Communication  and Transport Yes 5 15 Yes Yes No  Licensed
Xnet 22-Oct-10 Ministry of Education No 164 1900 Yea Yes No No