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UbuntuNet Alliance is the regional Research and Education Networking organization for Eastern and Southern Africa. Our mission is to secure affordable broadband and efficient ICT access and usage for African NRENs and their associated communities of practice. We manage and operate UbuntuNet, the regional backbone network that interconnects National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and connect them to other regional networks. Read more>>

Rolling out the regional network

The AfricaConnect project rolled out the regional component of UbuntuNet, establishing a high-capacity Internet network for research and education in Southern and Eastern Africa. This has provided the region with a gateway to global research collaboration. The project lasted four years (closed on 5th May 2015). View the network development status as of May 2015. A follow up project AfricaConnect 2 will commence soon. Read more >>

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Participating in Horizon 2020 Projects

UbuntuNet Alliance is proud to be a partner in Horizon 2020 projects. At present, the Alliance is a partner in Sci-GaIA, MAGIC and TANDEM projects.

UbuntuNet Alliance Partners

UbuntuNet Alliance is grateful to its partners for their support on various fronts:



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